Vaping Safety

With many news going around about the safety issues on vaping, Public Health of England has released news regarding vaping.

Read the full news on Irish Times

Shown on the video above, can you imagine the resin that is stuck in our lungs and arteries after 16packs of smoking cigarettes? Personally, I can’t. But we can come to a conclusion that the resin residues from cigarette tar can block the arteries in your lungs.

So we came to a conclusion:

  • Smoking will clot the arteries and block the pipes in your lungs.

Now we proceed further to investigate more about what vaping and cigarette smoking, in theory:

  1. Vaping does not burn and release Carbon Monoxide (CO) like in conventional cigarettes.
  2. Vape is only vapor, similar to any Vaporizers out there in the market that serves the purpose of humidifying the room.

In order to prove these theories of E-cigarettes or Vape products against Smoking, we conducted tests. One that is simple enough for anyone to build and try it themselves without the need of having the test in a lab facility.

We simply placed different types of insects and animals, in a closed space area and put vapor coming from a vaping device, and cigarette smoke on the other. Here shown below portrays one on the left using vape (Electronic Cigarettes) and on the right, using conventional cigarettes.

Vaping vs Smoking Cigarettes Test on Mosquitos
Vape LabTest RAT 3
Vaping vs Smoking Cigarettes Test on Mice. (As seen on the video, the mouse on the right is more active than the one on the left)
Vape LabTest ROACHES
Vaping vs Smoking Cigarettes Test on Crickets
Vaping vs Smoking Cigarettes Test on Flies

From here on the videos shown above, we can see that:
• Mosquitos can not survive cigarette smokes
• Mice can not survive cigarette smokes
• Crickets can not survive cigarette smokes
• Flies also could not survive cigarette smokes

All of these insects and animals had lost their ability to breathe in that closed space due to the lost of oxygen(O2) that were replaced by Carbon Monoxide (CO).

The results were simply put, that none of them that were inside the enclosed box or glass, of which were inhaling the conventional cigarette smokes, had the ability to survive. And all tests were done within minutes (5-6 minutes according to all tests conducted above).

Where on the other hand, the insects / animals that were there who were breathing vapor, had continued on like as if nothing ever happened.

Vape LabTest RAT 2

We are here to serve the purpose to give you information, from which you can decide for yourself, which one is better for you. You can also conduct these experiments yourself and make your own decisions based on your own findings.

Make decisions for the short term, and also for the long run.

Another point to consider, is how will passive smoking or passive vaping (if any) may effect others in your household or neighborhood.

The decision to know what is good and what is not, is yours.

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